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Chanchito Legend- The Three-Legged Pig

As one gets older, a lot of things plague the mind like: what’s for dinner? Will the stock market crash, again? Is it going to be a cold winter, a hot summer? Do I have enough oil reserved to last me through this winter? How much do I owe in student loans? (Yikes!) And as these endless thoughts weave their way through our minds, we sometimes can’t help but search for solutions and it becomes innate, or should I say very important that we all find methods to ward of these ceaseless, demanding needs or to create ways that we can avoid being bogged down by them. We have been taught to pray, to lift up our hearts in humble supplication, calling on our God, to intervene for us and to take away some, if not all of our burdens.

Well recently, I met a stranger who approached me at work and placed in front of me a brown wooden pig. He mumbled something to me about it needing a home. I looked at it and thought it was ugly. It had a broken lower lip, a big belly, and guess what? It had only 3 legs. To me that made it even uglier! How dare he give me that? Well, my miniature wooden gift sat at my desk at work for weeks and each time I had a customer, they would comment about my pig. “Oh, how cute is that?” and to myself I would say: “huh, you tell me.”
Well, just yesterday a girl came to my desk and couldn’t stop playing with my three-legged pig. From what I later gathered, my newest neighbor had more to it. She told me it brings good-luck and whosoever possesses it will have an endless stream of blessings. Awww, it transformed that instant before me and suddenly I fell in love with my dearest gift, my cute brown three-legged pig. That night, I went home and did a little online research and found out that in Chile, in a small village known as Pomaire, it is believed that “Chanchitos” bring good luck to its bearer. I felt bad that I had treated my gift so badly. So today I went to work and brought back home with my very own Chanchito, my good luck bringer and my latest house guest. I hope to announce daily all the wonderful blessings that are about to come my way and even though it does not take the place of my deep-rooted Christian beliefs, and my morning devotion to my Lord, I will allow it a spot, just to honor that nice stranger, that gave it to me. Right now it has found a home, on my bookcase, right bedside my pink, twin mandarin ducks, on a green lotus leaf (my older house guests, inspired by Feng Shui. I will it allow a view of my world, from that angle and so be it.
Until next time, be good and keep believing.


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This entry was posted on May 22, 2011 by in Events.

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